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Looking for a wedding photographer that you can trust so you don’t have to worry?

I help couples plan the logistics of their wedding day, discover what the most important parts of their wedding day are and then capture all the posed and candid moments so they don’t have to stress about a single thing being missed.


booking a wedding with


Is a one of a kind experience for the bride or groom who want their story told through candid moments and beautiful details.




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here’s what my clients can expect


LOTS of communication

I would rather know too much than too little. You’re only going to have one wedding day, but I do dozens of weddings a year, so I can help you proactively plan so there are no issues.


A FREE in person timeline session

We will meet about 1 month before your wedding and really walk through the flow of the day. We schedule the photography sessions so you get all the photos you want but you aren’t spending hours and hours posing when you should be partying! I will type up the timeline in a helpful manner and hand it out to your vendors so everyone is on the same page!



so you don’t have to stress. Because of my years of experience in the wedding industry, I am able to coordinate and run the day smoothly so brides don’t have to worry about getting everyone where they need to be. I plan out extensively so that I can be flexible on the big day and roll with whatever happens.

Individualized attention

I take a limited number of couples a year so as to ensure that every couple feels like they are my top priority. They are free to text or email me at any time with any wedding related question and I am more than happy to help!

QUICK turnaround times

My biggest frustration as a bride was waiting forever to get my photos back. The biggest distinction between me and all the other photographers out there is that getting high quality photos back to clients quickly is one of my top priorities.

A unique combinatioN

of posed and candid photos. You don’t have to know all the “poses” or be a model. I pose people very naturally and give them things to do so hopefully you don’t even realize I’m there. No need to be anxious about getting your picture taken!

Someone who really cares

My clients are important to me. I get to know them and spend lots of time with them and their families on a super intimate day. I don’t want to be that “photographer girl”, but rather a friend. I’m very invested in my couples' relationships. I don’t just care about showing up and shooting a wedding, I care about the marriage. It is my hope to continue to watch your life unfold as you grow old together and start a family!

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I am currently booking for the 2019/2020 wedding season.

My packages are customizable based on the needs of my clients and begin in the $2,000 range. I have packages for weddings, elopements and branding lifestyle sessions available.

For more information, contact me directly and we can pick the perfect package for you!