Emily+Gavin+Frank the Dog

Emily and Gavin reached out to me with a very specific request- they wanted a family portrait session with their dog- Frank! Of course I LOVE DOGS, so I obviously had  to take their pictures if for no other reason so that I could have some doggie cuddle time!! As we walked through the park and just had a glorious morning, I got to know Gavin and Emily, how they had been married for about a year now, how he was an EMT so basically he saves lives for a living, which is totally cool and awesome and I think everyone can agree that that is a job that I just don't have mental strength to do! ;) I learned that Frank, while tiny, if wound up enough, can take down a small tree that we tied him up to just so he could be with his "mom and dad". (RIP tiny tree!) And I learned that they are totally cute and made for one another and are the best dog parents ever! It was a blast hanging out with you, Emily and Gavin, and Frank!! :)

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