Anderson Indiana Pregnancy Reveal- Kristen and Tyler

The sun was shimmering through the trees, the wind was blowing ever so nicely, and it was a warm beautiful spring day. But the most beautiful thing in Shady Side Park in Anderson, IN wasn't the beautiful nature, it was the beautiful mama-to-be: Kristen. As we walked and talked down the winding paths, Kristen and Tyler reminisced about the road that got them to this part in their journey. They were high school sweet hearts who dated all the way through high school and college. They went to college together at Anderson University. While there their relationship bloomed from a high school boyfriend/girlfriend relationship into a mature, committed relationship. They had good times, they had tough times, but through it all, their love came out stronger and deeper. Tyler proposed and they were married in 2013.

They talked about their hopes and dreams for their baby. I was incredibly touched when they shared with me that this was not their first pregnancy, and have been dealing with the emotional roller coaster that comes with that. They were so excited that now their precious little baby has, hopefully, made it out of the woods and is healthy and expected to grow and come to full term! I truthfully admired how at peace they were about it. They said that they have been praying and that God has been there with them through it all! 

The most moving part of the day was when Tyler asked for a specific photo with a ring. At first I assumed that he meant his and Kristen's wedding rings. But as he shared, he told me that losing their first child was so heartbreaking that he had bought for Kristen a ring with the birthstone of that first child, as a way to always remember them. I was so moved by his strong love and sensitivity and strength for Kristen, that I absolutely had to get a picture of the ring, along with the sonogram of their next child. What a perfect symbol of life. Remembering things of the past, but keeping hope in what is to come in the future.

I was honored and moved to be a very small part of their celebration of life. Kristen and Tyler are perfect for each other, and this child is going to be so loved!!! :)