Matt and Kathryn: A Michigan Wedding

It was a beautiful August day. Cars were lined up outside the house. Women were hustling around, fixing makeup, pinning and curling hair. Boys were eating subs and trying to stay out of the way. Little flower girls were twirling in their fluffy skirts. It was the morning of a wedding. 

Kathryn, one of the sweetest and kindest brides I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, maintained a calm and sweet disposition throughout the morning- her only thought being on how in a few hours she finally would get to wed her true love. The theme from Anne of Green Gables was playing as she put on her wedding gown, and I absolutely felt swept back into a simpler day.

Timeless. Classic. This wedding went back to the root of what marriage was about. Having been sweethearts for years, Kathryn and Matt made sure that their spiritual convictions came through by having a traditional catholic ceremony. Their marriage was clearly being built on the foundation of their Lord and Savior. They submitted to each other the same way they submit to God. The ceremony, for me, was a reverent representation of how seriously marriage should be taken, which leads me to have the absolute highest respect for this adorable couple. 

It wasn't all serious, however. There were sweet moments of Kathryn and Matt sharing their first kiss and whispers and smiles up at the altar. There was joking between the brothers and the sisters of the bride. Everyone was in really good spirits and having a blast. And then of course we HAVE to talk about this reception, because this couple knew how to PARTY!!

The food was DIVINE! It just kept coming and coming until finally we had to dance off the extra pounds we surely gained! :) From the first dance as a married couple, to the anniversary dance where we got to hear advice from other married couples, to the cha cha slide, to the sparkler exit at the end- This was a PARTY!

This wedding was the perfect, simple, timeless wedding. I am so blessed to have been a part of it. Matt and Kathryn, the best of luck to you as you move forth into wedded bliss! :)