Jeremiah + Stacey- 2 Year Anniversary

This shoot made me realize I was starting to become an actual adult. When your college friends are celebrating their 2 year wedding anniversary, and as you shoot you start to talk about careers and money and adult things, it starts to hit you that we aren't in college any more!! You are actually adulting. And while adulting is hard and not super fun, taking pictures of Jeremiah and Stacey was definitely a joy and not hard at all! 2 years into marriage, and these two are still madly in love. They celebrated their anniversary with yummy food, shopping, just being together, and of course, some photos to document their love! What I appreciate about them is that they clearly married their best friends, because they were happy to let me take pictures of them anywhere- they just wanted to be together! Happy Anniversary you love birds!! :)


Location- Forest Park in Noblesville, IN