Gabe and Becky 2 Year Anniversary!

Becky and Gabe are slowly becoming my favorite people to photograph. They hired me on right as my business was beginning to take pictures of their wedding. They had a country wedding and I'll still never forget how much love was there on that day. Here we are two years later, and they still look at each other the same way the did on their wedding day. We blared some country music and went wandering around some country property in Waldron, Indiana. It was just as much fun as the first time we took pictures together. Becky and Gabe, you are too cute and I love that every year I get to look forward to taking pictures with you guys! Happy Aniversary!! 

We began out in the woods of his grandmother's property. It was a nice secluded area and it was such a beautiful day!

The sun and the county vibes made my hear gush! It was literally impossible to take a bad picture!!

I'm not much of a country girl myself, but by the end, the country had definately won a piece of my heart!!

Becky and Gabe, you are two beautiful souls who were meant to be together. Every year you get a little bit cuter!! I'm so honored to know you guys! Again, Happy Anniversary!!


Location: Waldron, IN