Katie and Denton: An Engagement Shoot at Southeastway Park

When I first met Katie and Denton, it was a cold and miserable day, but their company (with some coffee) soon warmed me up! ;) They are this incredibly fun couple! Their first date was at a basketball game, and he proposed while rock climbing!! Katie wondered why he rushed up to the top of the tower so quick! They both climbed down the wall and he landed and dropped to one knee! It's ironic, she expected to go rock climbing, and she wound up with a ROCK on her finger!! (I know I know, I'm always cheesing it up!) They wanted their engagement photos taken on a beautiful spring day and MAN we couldn't have asked for a better one. We went to Southeastway Park in Palestine, IN, where they like to go for walks and spend time together.  Katie and Denton, if your wedding is anything like our time together, we are going to have an awesome adventurous day!! Looking forward to your wedding!

Seriously, this hill at Southeastway Park was perfect lighting and a perfect spring day!!

Fun fact... this was not posed at all. I snapped this photo while they were just hanging out waiting for me to change lenses. So, they are legitamently this cute in real life!! (collective 'ahhhhh'...)

They got some completementary dance lessons for the wedding day. You're welcome, guys ;)

AHHH!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting at golden hour. I am gushing at this sunset!!

Again, it was a blast and a privilege! Can't wait for them to tie the knot in October!!!