Holley and Jeremy: An IU Bloomington Wedding

I've dubbed Holley and Jeremy's wedding the "Snow White" wedding. Tucked away in the middle of IU Bloomington is an adorable chapel, otherwise known as Beck Chapel. I was enchanted when I first saw it. It was the most perfect venue for the small, intimate ceremony that they had. Then when I saw Holley's beautiful blush wedding dress, the rose bouquet, the stringed duet playing famous love songs (They started with "A Whole New World"!!!!!), my inner Disney princess nerd was full on geeking. It was BEAUTIFUL.

I don't mean to obsess over the details and not talk about the couple, because the couple was as gorgeous as their wedding. Holley had one thing on her mind- marrying her true love. When talking about her wedding in the months leading up to it, she for sure wanted a nice wedding, but her details paled in comparison to what she was actually excited for, being Jeremy's wife. As a result, we had the most relaxed post-wedding portrait shoot I've ever had. They were so happy to just chill and be together as husband and wife.

We gallivanted around campus, strolling down memory lane for them, as this was both of their alma-mater. We took pictures in the wooded areas by Beck Chapel, at the Sample Gates, the Rose Well House, the famous Clock Tower (which Holley had matching red shoes for, by the way!), and ended the day at their lunch time reception at the Irish Lion. It was a beautiful day! Thank you, Holley and Jeremy, for asking me to come along and document your beautiful day. 

Here is Beck Chapel in all of it's beautiful fairy tale glory! You wouldn't even know where it was unless you were really looking for it on IU Bloomington's campus.

The stained glass windows were GORGEOUS! Attached to Holley's boquet were photos of loved ones who had passed away. It was Holley's way of remembering them on her special day. 

Jeremy has a little girl, Valerie, who was flower girl for their day. I couldn't help but tear up for how adorable this new little family was. Clearly Val already considered Holley family, as this hug was completely candid. <3

Inside Beck chapel was small with beautiful light pouring in from the stained glass window. 

An impromptu spin from Jeremy led to this adorable dancing photo! Aww!!

Of course we had to swing by the Sample Gates to cap off our photo shoot! Such an iconic spot at IU Bloomington!


Those cup cakes were devine!!

The lunchtime reception was outside in the beuatiful vine-filled alley of the Irish Lion. Hat's off to Jeremy and Holley for finding these adorable, tucked away places!!

Polariod cameras for the win! Such a cute reception detail!

Driving off into the sunset!!




Ceremony Venue: Beck Chapel, Bloomington, IN

Reception Venue and catering by: The Irish Lion