Kaitlyn and Jayson: A Brown City Wedding

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of taking pictures at many many many weddings, but this one will stick out for me for the years to come. As I journeyed with Kaitlyn and Jayson throughout their wedding day, one thing became absolutely clear: these are the most genuine, caring, loving people I have ever had the privilege to work with. As the day went on the story unfolded: how they had been childhood friends and had grown up going to Brown City Camp together, how finally Jayson made the move in their youth and they became something more, how he proposed at the very camp that they had met, how their families blended together and accepted one another, how they endured the test of time, the test of distance while serving in other countries, how it even withstood the loss of Kaitlyn's mother. Through it all, it seemed evident: the love these two have is the stuff of fairy tales. They are absolutely grounded in their faith in God, their family, and in each other. It was pure joy to watch them become husband and wife at the place they met, fell in love, got engaged, and now got married. Kaitlyn and Jayson, I'm so happy for you two and thank you for the beautiful day!

Kaitlyn's mother was dearly missed, but Kaitlyn had her ring, her mother's ring, and her grandmother's ring with her on her wedding day, bringing a piece of each of them with her on her special day. 

Her bridesmaids were absolutely darling, and after she put on the dress, they starting crying tears of happiness. 

Known affectionately as "The Little Chapel", it has long been a cute landmark of Brown City Camp. Kaitlyn and Jayson chose this as their first look location. 

Umm... when I first met Margaret, I thought she was shy. Boy was I wrong! This little sweetie charmed her way into my heart with her general adorable-ness (yes, its a word!) and her amazing dance skills ;)

I literally said "BE MARIA!!! and this was the resultant picture!!!!!

Seriously with these two?!? Could they not be on the cover of some magizine!! So cute!!

This was our super fun method of transportation around Brown City Camp. Golf cart riding was definately one of the highlights!! You should have seen it with all of us crammed in one!

The purple candle was lit in memory of Kaitlyn's mother, Karen, and brother, Jerrod, as well as the other family members who had passed on. They were dearly missed from this day and remembered.

This moment had me in tears. For a family who had known so much loss and had turned to one another for support and comfort in the bad times, now, in the moments of celebration, they loved one another and prayed over and blessed Kaitlyn and Jayson's marriage. It was so beautiful to see and definitely my favorite moment of the whole day. 

Where do we even start to eat? Seriously, there were brownies, cakes, pies.... you name it! And it was DELICIOUS!! 

I think given the circumstances and the fact that they played "Butterfly Kisses", it was lucky I got one single picture I was tearing up so much! Kaitlyn told me that even though the song was cliche, she wanted it because her dad and her sang it and gave each other butterfly kisses growing up!

And a sparkler exit made for a perfect end to a beautiful day!


A special thanks to Megan of Memoirs Photography for second shooting this event!


Location: Brown City Camp