Maggie + Michaela

I first met Michaela and Maggie back in January of 2018 when they applied for an engagement session contest I was running on my facebook page, and they won! I got to know them well during their engagement session, and they ended up booking me to be their Terre Haute Wedding Videographer for their March 2019 wedding.

Maggie and Michaela are the loveliest couple, and met originally when they were both working in the hospital operating room. Michaela was rocking out to some music, and Maggie decided to investigate that situation, and they immediately hit it off and fell in love. We joked during their session that they have a Greys Anatomy style relationship, and even did part of their engagement session wearing their work scrubs.

They compliment each other beautifully; Michaela is fairly Type-A, and Maggie is more relaxed and easy going. Michaela did most of the planning for the wedding, since her brain works well being detail oriented, and she enjoys the planning process so much. Maggie likes to have a good time, and brings an even-keeled feel to the partnership.

Walking into their venue at The Main Event Venue in Terre Haute, you could really sense the heartfelt details with cutesy signs and quotes placed throughout, as well as tons of photo collages. Both Maggie and Michaela hand wrote letters to every single person in their bridal party, and everyone burst into tears when they were reading them because it was so sweet, and they really invested so much time and feelings into penning their love and appreciation for everyone standing up with them that day.

They had an adorable first look, and were both very animated when they saw each other for the first time. Michaela’s nephew walked her down the aisle, and their flower girl walked their two “fur babies” down the aisle to meet them both up there, as well, and take place in their special day with their moms. The stage was decorated so nicely, and even though it was pouring rain outside (typical midwest March day!) they did a great job bringing the natural elements inside with their decorations.

Their reception was in the same venue, and featured a taco bar, and a (literal) wall of cupcakes. They both had a touching and emotional first dance with their mothers. Michaela’s nephew was getting teary eyed during the dancing, and her mom allowed him to “cut in” to their dance so the two of them could also share this special moment together, as well.

I had an amazing time being Michaela and Maggie’s Terre Haute Wedding Videographer. If you are in the Terre Haute area and need photography or videography services for your wedding, I would love to chat! My 2019 is almost booked, and I have 5 more dates available, and I would love to hear from you!