Chris + Noren: An Oklahoma Wedding

I walked into the girl’s getting ready house for Noren and Chris’s wedding and found everyone huddled around a cute little dog. I see the bride, Noren, and she says “Hi! We are super excited about my wedding, but a dog just showed up so we are all way more excited about that at the moment!!”. And that was the epitome of Noren’s personality: excited, happy, but totally fine with focusing on other things and just looking to have fun.


They got dressed at the the wedding planner’s (and sister in-law of the bride’s) house, which had major Joanna Gaines vibes. The level of attention to detail that she and Noren had was impeccable! Noren’s had a lot of soft pinks and pretty colors, very princessy!!

Once everyone was dressed we headed over to University of Tulsa. There was a gorgeous chapel there, Sharp Chapel, that they were getting married at. We braved the Oklahoma heat and took some photos on the grounds.


I’ve seen a lot of bridal parties as a wedding photographer, but this bridal party was a hoot!! The girls and I jelled and were swapping Friends quotes all day. The guys were so good natured. Many of them were “Bandies”, (Chris is a band director) and in high school I was HUGE into band, so we talked tempo and which instrument was the best. (hint: trumpets are the best always). I had such a good time hanging out with them.


An important moment that I had the opportunity to witness was Noren’s grandma praying over her right before the wedding. Chris and Noren’s faith in God was apparent throughout the day, but the prayer was so heartfelt that it moved me, and everyone else, to tears. It was a really special moment.


The ceremony was simple and beautiful. What was so special about their marriage was that they had spent the past bit of their relationship living in two different states, Noren in Oklahoma and Chris in Indiana. Now as husband and wife, they are starting a new life together at last! No more long distance!


Their reception space was at the Restore House in Tulsa. It was this beautifully renovated house with a partially covered yard. Between the string lights, the flowers, and the sunset, it was an absolutely lovely reception area.


My favorite moment of the reception was when Ice Ice Baby came on. Prior to that, a few people were kinda dancing, but upon hearing “Stop, collaborate and listen!” Noren raced to the dance floor where she sang the entire song! She knew EVERY WORD and it was hilarious! After that, the DJ stuck to 90’s music and everyone got DOWN. I’ve never been to an exclusively 90’s music reception, but this group really loved it!


What I love most about Chris and Noren is how passionate they are. Not only are they passionate about what they do, but about the people they surround themselves with and, of course, for each other. The amount of love and caring that I felt from their friends and family just showed me how much they love their people and how they treat each other.


It was an honor to be flown out to be a small part of this beautiful wedding day. I also have to say thank you to this wonderful team that made this wedding day possible!

Ceremony Venue: Sharp Chapel

Reception Venue: Restore House

Wedding Planning: Kenzie Davison

Catering: Chef Jeff

Make up: Atherial Beauty

Florist: Jenny Ramer

Cake: Sweet Devotion Cakery

Rentals: Party Pro Rents

Bar: Tulsa Platinum

DJ: Banks Entertainment

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