4 Reasons Why You Should Get Married at the Crane Bay in Indianapolis

If you are looking for a contemporary location in the middle of Indianapolis for your wedding? Look no further than the Crane Bay!


This place packs a mighty punch. Located in downtown Indianapolis (right by Lucas Oil Stadium) it's off to the side enough that guests can park right at the building, which is super convenient! Here are some reasons why I LOVE this venue:

Contemporary Decor- If you want a more modern feel for your wedding, this is your place. One of the most unique aspects of this venue is that while it is one big open concept, it has several modern spaces for your guests to enjoy. For example:


The first lounge, equipped with comfy chairs and decor for your quests to wait on.


The cocktail hour lounge, complete with FOOD CHANDELIERS!


The main ceremony/ reception space. This space can literally be whatever you want it to be! For that matter, one of the great things about this venue is just about any room can be what you want it to be, giving you the ability to customize the space. I've never had one wedding I've shot here look the same as another! For instance, here is the ceremony space for one wedding, and then look what it became in under 30 minutes!


Oh and did I mention.... the cake wall????


Customization: As I said before, one of the best parts of The Crane Bay is that you have the ability to set up the ceremony space where you want and the lounge where you want and the reception where you want. It's great for the bride who really wants control over the layout.

Outdoor locations: The Crane Bay is an indoor venue, but there are many outdoor photo ops available too, where I love. For instance, they have a private outdoor patio for you and your guests (A great first look location).


Amazing Service: The folks at The Crane Bay have it together. They transformed the ceremony space into the reception space in under 30 minutes, they were super friendly and ran everything seamlessly behind the scenes. The couples I've worked with have never had to stress about anything, especially on the day of. Everything is included so literally you put all the stress of planning in their hands and they take care of you!


SO, if you are a bride looking to get married in the heart of downtown Indianapolis without having to deal with any of the stress and traffic of downtown, or if you want a contemporary wedding with lots of customization, or you just want to make sure you have friendly people helping you, this is where you should get married!

For more info, you can contact them directly on their website: