The Odle Family Goes to Disney

Sometimes things come together in a way that seems... magical!

Ever since Dylan and I had photos taken in Disney by the AMAZING Kate Taramykin in Disney, I was itching to be behind the camera for another a shoot. So, during a girls trip down in Orlando I had a wonderful opportunity to shoot family photos inside the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. Mandy was traveling with her family for a work-cation, and so was I, so we met up in the happiest place on earth for some fun photos!

To check out Mandy, my fellow girl boss extraordinaire, go to her website!

We did not start down Main sStreet USA as most might, but headed over to the secluded fireworks viewing garden. Most people don't hang out there during the day, creating a wonderful hidden photo spot. We then OF COURSE had to ride dumbo and the tea cups, because IT'S DISNEY. Then we took some more pictures around the side of the castle, went down Main Street, and ate some Mickey Mouse Ice cream because it was Florida in June and it was hot!!

My favorite part of this whole experience was allowing both Mandy and her husband to get some photos of THEM with the kids. Far too often, either mom or dad aren't in the photo, and that is so important because they want photos with themselves in the picture with their kids that they can look back on! This is why I LOVE it when couples or families invite me on honeymoons or vacations, because I can do all the work behind the lens of capturing their experience, and they just have to kick back and have fun with their family.

Here are a few of my favorites from that day! Enjoy!!

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. -Walt Disney