Best Photography Locations In Chicago


Over the past few years, I have caught a bad case of wanderlust. I think social media has a big role to play for that, because the world is so massive and we’re now so connected to it via photos through apps such as Instagram (PS: Have you followed me there, yet?) and Facebook. One of the places that is near and dear to my heart is Chicago. It’s one of my absolute favorite big cities (aside from Indy, obviously) and I love visiting there and taking in all the sights. I’m here today to share with you my favorite and top photo places in Chicago.

The Bean

The Bean is iconic, and if you haven’t seen photos of tourist crammed underneath it and taking selfies next to it, you must have been living under a rock recently. While the bean itself makes for some really cool photo ops, don’t just stop there. There is a beautiful (and less populated) park surrounding the area, and it’s chock full of pretty hidden locations, that also give you that iconic skyline view. My big tip when visiting The Bean is to explore all those little surrounding areas; you will be surprised what you find.


A Rooftop

This is another obvious one, but the Chicago skyline is quite possibly the prettiest and most easily recognizable one around. Everyone frequents the Chicago Skydeck, and it’s beautiful, however, we urge you to think outside the box and explore some other roof tops. Hunt down a rooftop restaurant or bar. There are tons of them available. Grab a delicious bite to eat, or enjoy a lovely glass of wine, and take in all the views and photo opportunities. Or, instead of staying in a dingy hotel, choose to AirBnB your stay. Many of the listings have large windows or rooftop gardens that are readily at your photo-loving disposal to use while you’re renting the location. Head out to your own patio, or up to the roof to take it all in.


The Chicago River in the Loop

I just spoke to you in Chicago-lingo. Basically, this means you walk up and down the riverwalk where the Chicago River turns into Lake Michigan. That’s commonly referred to as “the Loop” and offers some of the best skyline views, as well as a stunning river/lake skyline, too. Visiting this area at sunrise or sunset will prove to be popular amongst novice and professional photographers, but it’s a larger area and you’re sure to find some space that isn’t overly crowded. These are my absolute favorite photos of the river, where it meets the looming cityscape.


Adler Aquarium

I personally had to look for quite a while before I found that “perfect” photo spot that you see in many photos in Chicago. They don’t advertise it, because it’s literally the stretch of land between the Shed Aquarium and the Alder Aquarium. It’s absolutely beautiful, and visiting this quaint spot is sure to produce some stunning photos for you.


I hope you find this list of Top Photo Places in Chicago helpful to you on your next outing to the windy city. Did you know that I love traveling for photos? If you’re in the market for an elopement photographer, or want to schedule a session for Chicago, I would love to meet up and grab some coffee (I’ll probably get a coke) and chat about your vision.