The Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I often get asked for advice on a unique Valentine’s Day gift that your special someone will be sure to cherish for many years to come, and, of course, my brain naturally goes straight to photography!

Here’s a little tip from me to you, if you’re at a loss about what to get for your lady: most girls love getting their photos taken! Obviously that isn’t true for every single girl under the sun, but, I’d venture to say that most women don’t cringe when you pull out your phone to document a moment in a photo, and most gals have more photos on their camera roll without them in it, than they do with them. It’s natural, and something that we all struggle with. So I’ve compiled a few different photo sessions that would serve as the perfect gift for her for Valentine’s Day, no matter what stage of your love story you’re at.


Proposal Session

This one goes without saying, if you’re planning to pop the big question and getting down on one knee, I highly recommend hiring a professional photographer to be there (in secret) to document this special memory that happens way too quickly. Hire a photographer who knows how to do it right, and won’t be obvious or be in the way at all. Having a group of cell phone camera holding friends you both know is the obvious tip off, so having a stranger there documenting the moment from afar (I have long lenses!) is the perfect plan. You only propose once in your life, so do it right and have those memories preserved forever through photographs.


A Couple’s Session:

A Couple’s Session is a typical photo shoot. We meet at a park, or someplace pretty, and we go around doing some lovey dovey poses to capture your passion with each other, and I deliver beautiful photos to you to swoon over forever. There doesn’t need to be a particular reason to have a couple’s session; you don’t need to wait until a specific number year anniversary. You don’t even have to be married, or have wedding bells on the brain at all. Couple’s sessions are low key and fun, and a great way to snuggle with your special someone for an hour and walk away with some beautiful photos that capture memories that will last forever.


A Lifestyle Session

A lifestyle session is such a fun option, and a super low key way of having photos of the two of you, without it feeling like a photo shoot. Invite me along for a typical date night to photograph you two just hanging out. Maybe you two share a mutual love of board games, and want to spend the evening playing Battleship on your dining room table while eating pizza. Or maybe you’re fancy and love to visit wineries or breweries, and want to document that special time together. A lifestyle session showcases more candid photos of the two of you, and encompasses what your passions or hobbies are with you guys living it in the moment.


Now that you’ve heard all my awesome ideas of how you can gift photography this year for Valentine’s Day, I would love to hear what your ideal session would be in the comment section below. This would be a gift that she would never forget, and if you’re looking for a photographer to capture that special event (ahem! ahem!) fill out the sheet below and let’s chat. I hope you enjoyed my favorite ideas for a Unique Valentine’s Day Gift through photography.

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XOXO Kristen

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