Colton + Victoria: A Muncie Wedding

When I first met Victoria, we sat down for coffee and talked about her dream wedding day. What I loved most about her was that while she was very detailed when it came to planning, she as a person was very relaxed and just happy to be getting married! I knew when her wedding day rolled around, it would not only be gorgeous, but it would be a ton of fun and everyone would be very relaxed. I was right on both counts!

They got married at the Horizon Convention Center, a gorgeous venue in Muncie, and when I waked in, everyone was ready to go, eating lunch, and relaxing! When the men arrived, Colton told me that he had a surprise gift for Victoria, which turned out to be these sparkling blue sapphire earrings. It was the most thoughtful gift I have ever seen a groom get for his bride, because not only were they beautiful, they were her “something blue” that she was missing. That’s the type of guy Colton is, and I can totally see how Victoria fell in love with him!


While they wanted to get married that the Horizon Convention Center, they wanted to do all their photos at Minnetrista, which is a garden and nature preserve area. This place holds an important spot in their hearts because they came there to go on walks, and this was where they first started to imagine and talk about getting married and having a future together. We went right back to the spot where they sat and talked about their future and reminisced with how it has come full circle because it was their wedding day!!


Their ceremony was short and beautiful and because they had done all their photos before the wedding, including the family photos, we went straight to the reception and partied!! The best moment of that wedding was when all her “camp” friends did a fun little dance similar to the wobble and had a blast with it!

Also they had the BEST cupcakes, the best of which was reverse reese’s flavored! So good!!


I was so honored to be a part of Victoria and Colton’s wedding day! A special thanks to the amazing vendor team who made it all possible!!

Venue: Horizon Convention Center

Photos at: Minnetrista

Caterer: Horizon Convention center

DJ: Bright Night Entertainment

Florist: The Bride’s Mother!

Videographer: Wesley Powell

Officiant: Fr. Bill Barfield

Hair: Kristi Horton